Dec 14, 2020

“Wines and Pleasures” Wake up your Senses

Wines and Pleasures is an informative, educational and entertainment television program that deals with topics related to wine, all its surroundings and the pleasures that Mendoza and different areas of the country and the world offer.

 We visited the wineries, we paired wine with gastronomy events and tourist attractions, conducting interviews with personalities related to wine (producers, winemakers, architects, photographers, artists, chefs and entrepreneurs). Traveling to the most important wine regions of Argentina and to the great capitals of the world of wine.

He also tries hard to link the great wine capitals between them, traveling these last two years to Porto (Portugal), Napa Valley (United States) Adelaide (Australia) La Rioja (Spain) with the idea of ​​being the audiovisual media that links to the Great Wine Capitals worldwide.

Wines and Pleasures Wake up your Senses

The program began its activity in 2011, developing continuously until today with a weekly broadcast, spreading the main destinations of the Mendoza and the protagonists of the wine industry. With 8 years of transmission on the screen of Channel 7 Mendoza, channel 130 DirecTV and the open channels of San Juan, Córdoba, San Rafael (Mendoza) and Misiones.


Last year it was selected to be transmitted by the Telefe International screen to more than 150 countries, including all of America and countries such as Spain, Israel and Australia with a penetration of more than 20% of the world market and more than 11,400,000 of subscribers. (See links related to the news). Currently we carry more than 50 programs broadcast by this signal. This year we added to our international dissemination network Guatevision, the number one channel in Guatemala and the Central American and Caribbean region to continue showing Mendoza to the world.


Another way to reach our audience is through social networks (Facebook and Instagram) where the content is uploaded once transmitted by the small screen, different draws are made and news from the world of wine is published to keep our followers informed and Participatory


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