Dec 02, 2020

Wine Experience in Salgesch – Lausanne Region

Come on in Salgesch - Lausanne Region and live one of the greatest wine tourism experiences!

The members of the Weindorf Salgesch association offer you a multitude of different experiences. Sporting and cultural activities, hiking, in combination with fun and wine. Enjoy an unforgettable experience on a company outing, with friends or family around the wine village of Salquenen.

The association unites all the offers of 34 members from the wine sector under one roof. The customer receives a uniform and varied offer presented by the brand “Salgesch”.

Salgesch and its wine tourism experience has been awarded by the Best of Wine Tourism Award 2020, Wine Tourism Category.

If you want to know more about the history of Salgesch, please read the following text :

The red plants from the largest wine community in Upper Valais have been a household name among wine connoisseurs for decades. The people of Salgesch were quick to associate the name of the town with their products, thus giving the red wine an unmistakable identity. This trademark has allowed the wine village of Salgesch to flourish.

After the Second World War, the transition of the former farming village to the present wine village began. 203 hectares of vineyards and more than forty wineries characterise Salgesch’s everyday life today.

The wine village bears the Johanniter cross as the municipal coat of arms. The brothers in faith settled in Salgesch in the 13th century to build a hostel for pilgrims and travellers in the spirit of the Order. Whether the Johanniter, who stayed in Salgesch for about 400 years, chose the location for the good wine is not documented, but highly probable.

The foundation stone is laid by nature, but the winegrower also plays a significant role in the later quality of the wines. First and foremost is the choice of grape variety. According to the different microclimate and the unique soil variety, the Salgesch winegrower finds the ideal location for each grape variety.

For this reason, over 87% of the vineyards in Salgesch are planted with red wine. The reason for this unusually high proportion of red wines in Valais is a prehistoric landslide which provided the terroir with a particularly high proportion of lime and magnesium. In particular, the Pinot Noir can flourish under these conditions in Salgesch.

To ensure that Salgesch wines win awards every year at the numerous prestigious international wine awards, quality is the top priority when working with vines. The Salgesch winegrowers are bound by strict quantity restrictions, and so the vines are consistently pruned back in spring. As a result, each vine produces only a few, but all the more aromatic grapes. Each individual grape can thus extract even more aromas and ingredients from the barren soils. Great wines always come from vines that have suffered.

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