Jan 20, 2021

Welcome to Château Malromé

Château Malromé took the Bordeaux Gold Best of prize in the Art and Culture category for 2020. It was unsurprising really, as Château Malromé was the family home of the iconic French painter, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.https://www.entredeuxmers.com/

The property is in the south of the Entre deux Mers region of Bordeaux, a region known for its white, red and rosé wines. It reopened to the public in 2017, having been beautifully restored by the Huynh family. The renovation has managed both to respect the past whilst turning resolutely towards the future.

Built around a unique octagonal courtyard and situated on a hill, the chateau dates from the 16th century but is surrounded by parkland planted in the 14th century.

A guided tour of the interior of the chateau will take you back in time. It preserves an intimate atmosphere of the home of the artist, when he lived there with his mother in the late 19th century. The visit includes a chance to view many of his original works and photos of his time there.

His mother bought the property in 1883 to be closer to her family. Henri Toulouse was already living in Paris, training under leading artists and creating his famous images of Parisian night life. Each summer, he came back from Paris, setting up his studio here, dying here in 1907 at almost 37 years old.

The chateau however is not uniquely turned towards the past. Part of the renovation includes a large gallery in the chateau. Every summer they host a different contemporary artist, always with a connection to Toulouse Lautrec, in style history or inspiration. Beautiful reception rooms are also available to ensure the chateau continues to welcome guests and the courtyard is a venue for outdoor concerts through the summer.

Welcome to Chateau Malrome


As with all good museums, the chateau has a great shop, presented as a library, art souvenirs are shown side by side with the range of wines from the property and even honey from the chateau’s own bees.

From wine to art and from history to gastronomy, Château Malrome is the perfect example of the diversity of a Best of Wine tourism welcome.


[By Wendy Narby ]