Oct 23, 2020

Modern native cuisine, in a unique environment

Awarded Best Winery Restaurant in the World by the Best Of Great Wine Capital Awards in 2020, our cuisine is based on a sustainable concept of natural seasonal ingredients allowing our guests to experience the best of Mendoza, one of the Great Wine Capitals.

We use the best regional ingredients and concepts, incorporating traditional and modern techniques, in a warm and welcoming environment surrounded by amazing mountain landscapes. We prepare dishes with raw materials that vary according to the seasons, providing a truly seasonal cuisine. We like to know the origin of  our ingredients so we work with producers in the area, shortening the transfer distances, and generating a collaborative gastronomic experience.

Our local gastronomic culture springs from the same land in which our wines are born, resulting in harmonious experiences of aromas, colors and flavors, all with exceptional creativity.

Modern native cuisine in a unique environment

In each of our experiences we seek to transmit the soul of Rosell Boher and Rosell Boher Lodge. Each experience is designed to accompany our  still and sparkling wines.

Modern native cuisine in a unique environment

After several years of testing, we are offering the first and only five-course menu in Argentina entirely paired with sparkling wines. It changes according to the season and is designed from the bottle to the dish, and not the other way around as is usual. At Rosell Boher we produce the most prestigious sparkling wines in the country and have created this special menu to showcase them.

“At Rosell Boher Lodge we always think about providing  our guests with unique and unrepeatable experiences. We seek to support small regional producers and we look forward to replacing supplies that are not produced in the Province, in order to be able to achieve a true local gastronomic identity”, said Lucas Olcese, head of the gastronomic team.

Modern native cuisine in a unique environment


“Our goal is to make our guests feel at home while enjoying an experience that brings together local gastronomy, fine wines, a magical setting and excellent service”, ended Alejandra Gil Posleman, Manager of Rosell Boher Lodge